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Here you find the horses who are for sale. If you didn't find the horse of your dreams here, don't hesitate to ask, we have other horses.

Tinker / Irish Cob
/ Irish Cob Partbred  
other breeds
Peigi Dubh, (linked text in german), young Irish Tinker mare, type: tinkerpony (Dam icelandic, Sire Irish Cob), born in 2008, to make around 13.3hh, very nice horse, ideal as a family drive and ride horse for children or smaller adults, but also as breeding mare (she should be gaited)
in the photo first time backed!

also possible together as a perfect driving pair with her elder sister Pearla Dubh, also black
(and gaited), a bit stronger and larger than her sister, but she will end up similar

or together with their new full sister
Pelin Dubh, also black without white, same nice tempered filly as she was, born 2012 (elder photo)


Taori, Dülmener wild horse mare, born 2008, great colour: linebacked dun, height around 13.2-13.3hh,  intelligent and curious, searching the humans, ideal family horse, but also a good movement and for breeding -
dam of our spectacular future stud stallion: "Taif"



and his Sire Coltrane (the right one):

Pau, buckskin coloured with very seldom found grey eyes, gaited, born 11.07.2012, out of Peigi and by our young stallion Milano (see right side)  

gaited stallion
born 2007, buckskin coloured, with silver dapple gene, full pedigree, 13.3/14hh, ideal for riding, driving and/or breeding
, is being traned by Sandra Hofner

Roisín Dubh, Irish Cob mare, born 2008, around 14.1hh, heavy bones, lots of feathers, proper cob type, quality!,  quiet temperament, ideal family horse and breeding qualities,


Roisín has an excellent 2013 filly by our stallion Oisín:


Thía, Dülmener mare, with a premium as foal, *2005, light mousedun, 13.1-13.2hh, ideal as a broodmare or as a (driving) pair with her fullsister  Tamira.
At the moment she has a cute filly foal at foot:



Savage, Irish Cob Part Bred colt foal, type: Irish Tinker, born 2012, final height about 14.1hh, very nice and cuddly, ideal family- or therapy-horse

Tamira wild horse filly, born 2010, spectacular colour: grulla, final height around 13.2hh, very inteligent and curious, searching the humans, ideal family horse and breeding,
possible together with her full sister T'Pol
Antonia PippaIrish Cob, filly, born january 2010, very rare and looked after: final height around 12.1-12.2hh, tricolour,  nicely marked, ideal as a driving pair with her sister Orlaith

Turia, wild horse filly, *2012, grulla coloured with zebra markings, final height around 13.1-2hh, very smart, and nice tempered, ideal for children, but also for driving (possible as a driving pair with T'Pol)
Orlaith Pinya, Irish Tinkerpony, filly, born 2010, very rare and looked after: final height around 12.1-12.2hh, tricolour,  gorgeous markings, possibly gaited, 

Kaliopé, Irish Cob Part Bred filly, type: Barockpinto,born 2010, final height around 15.3hh, both parents have lots of mane, nice face, she got the temperament of the Irish Cob and the riding abilities of the PRE, ideal for riding purposes

Cholec, Baroque gelding, fleebitten and bloodmarked grey, 15-15.1hh, good mover, broken and trained by professionals,  but a lot of time without being ridden, so not for beginners, but ideal for experienced riders
Alant, Irish Cob  Junghengst, geb. 2011, Endmaß ca. 145cm, gute Abstammung, noch Hengst, soll aber aufgrund zu enger Verwandtschaft mit unseren Stuten im nächsten Winter kastriert werden (November 2014 bis Februar 2015)

Alant ist auch auf einem Foto mit Coltrane, Vater von Taif, s. auch oben

Kiara, PRE-Stute,  geb. 2004, Stckm. ca. 163cm, lange Mähne, sehr schönes Gesicht, super lieb, ideales Kinder- oder Anfänger-Reitpferd oder Therapiepferd, war sogar vorbildlich mit einer halbseitig gelähmten Reiterin

Teardrop, Irish Cob Junghengst, geb. 2011, Mini! Endmaß ca. 135cm, gute Abstammung, noch Hengst, soll aber aufgrund zu enger Verwandtschaft mit unseren Stuten im nächsten Winter kastriert werden (November 2014 bis Februar 2015)

We are sincere breeders. Here you find lovingly elected breeding horses, carefully planned coverings, competently grown up foals, with regular veterinarian inspection, worming, vacunation and equilibrate nutrition, who have been educated in social groups. The parents - stallions and mares - have been passed the competicions for breeding horses, are registered in one or more associations and are ambassadors of their breed. All this costs a lot of money. If you are looking for a cheap horse, you are wrong here. Our horses are part of our family. That's the reason why we are looking for future homes, where the owner and the horse fit together well. So there is a good chance for happy horses and happy owners.

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