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Benirrama Arwen

Arwen, sweet filly!  

registered as: Irish Cob Partbred, type: Tinker, in the Supplementary Section of the studbook of origin ICS Ltd.

colour: grulla (linebacked black dun) with a star

born: 10.04.2012

final hight: 13.3hh / 14hh



Benirrama Arwen

(Irish Cob Partbred, Suppl. Section
ICS Ltd., type: Tinker,linebacked mouse dun, star),
born in Spain
Aidhan Mc Loghlin

(Tinker, approved stud, HB 1,
appr. Irish Cob Suppl. ICS Ltd., piebald), born in Ireland


Benirrama Tora
(Dülmener, linebacked red dun),
born in Spain
(Dülmener, approved stud, linebacked mouse dun, star) 

(Dülmener, approved stud, linebacked mouse dun)
reservate's mare (Dülmener)
(Konik, V2, linebacked mouse dun, star)
reservate's stallion (Konik)

reservate's mare (Konik)


photos when newborn            .

  URL: delavall.net; actuality: 10.04.2012; responsable: Katinka Lutze & Thomas Klein