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Benirrama Alant Mac Dubh

Alant is an Irish Cob very typey 

registered as: Irish Cob in the Main Section of the studbook of origin ICS Ltd.

colour: brown sabino with 4 white socks and broad white face marking

born: 28.04.2011

final hight: 14.2hh


Alant is an Irish Cob very typey, with lots of bone and probably feather, a short back and a well set neck - he will be a gorgeous stud stallion for any serious breeder who wants to put the Irish Cob stamp on his foals. But even as a drive and ride horse he will make turn heads.

Benirrama Alant Mac Dubh

(Irish Cob, Main Section
ICS Ltd., brown Sabino),
born in Spain

Aidhan Mc Loghlin

(Tinker, premium,
appr. Irish Cob, HLP,
born in Ireland


(Irish Cob Main ICS Ltd.,
Dark Buckskin Sabino),
born in Germany

Laoidheach O`Maon
(Tinker, Irish Cob Suppl., Buckskin),
born in Ireland / England

Lil (Tinker, HStB, Premium Mare ECHA,
appr. Irish Cob, piebald),
born in Ireland



photos when newborn           

  URL: delavall.net; actuality: 28.04.2011; responsable: Katinka Lutze & Thomas Klein